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Get the great feeling of up-to-date dependencies and secure software without all the boring manual work.

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Is your process for dependency updates “whenever someone on the team has some extra time”?

You’re falling behind on updating because everyone is super busy shipping that great new feature. Now most of your dependencies are outdated and it gets harder and harder to update any of them.

What happens when there is a security vulnerability in one of your dependencies?

When trying to upgrade you have to bump several other dependencies as well and adapt your code to the new API. Now you have this big and risky changeset you need to deploy all at once to make your app secure.

Upgrading dependencies is a pretty boring and thankless job. Let Depfu do it for you!

Automated dependency updates with you in control

We automate the boring parts of updating dependencies, you decide if and when to upgrade. Because only you know your code base and can assess the risk.

Never fall behind on
updates again

Depfu supports you with a continuous process for your team. We believe in the value of doing small changes all the time instead of big changes rarely. Especially with dependency updates the work gets harder and harder the more you are behind.

Secure and stable software

Be sure there are no known security vulnerabilities in any of the libraries you depend on. Being up-to-date all the time is crucial for the safety of your app since security patches usually only get released for the latest version.

Let us show you how Depfu works

Depfu continuously updates your dependencies one gem at a time and creates a pull request with all the info you need. You stay in control.

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We’ve got your back

We are developers ourselves and too often found ourselves not updating dependencies. That’s why we've build Depfu.

Yep, it's just the two of us, not trying to hide that. We're bootstrapped, independent and working on building a sustainable business that solves real problems. We're working hard on providing a smooth developer experience and you can expect great customer service from us.