Hi, we are Depfu

We believe automation should help you as much as possible without taking away control.

Depfu was created to automate a boring chore that all software teams face: updating dependencies. We are convinced we can make a difference in how your team handles updates so you never fall behind again and can spend more time on things that matter.

We're bootstrapped and working hard on building a sustainable business, outside the world of VC funded growth hacks and unicorns. This is a flowbyte production.

Florian Munz

Prior to Depfu, Florian was head of operations and security at two of Europe’s most successful startups: Qype (acquired by Yelp) and Podio (acquired by Citrix). Being an early employee at both gave him the opportunity to shape a lot of the architecture and culture, while learning what it takes to grow a business.

Florian likes boring technology and getting things done. In his free time he watches way too many TV shows and enjoys eating and drinking well.

Jan Krutisch

Jan has been building and maintaining Ruby applications for more than a decade, for small and large clients alike. He helped kickstarting the German Rails community and, through organizing usergroups, became an established speaker at conferences on a wide variety of topics.

He loves web development, likes to dabble a bit with hardware, especially music related electronics, and, apart from that, will happily apply his coding skills wherever possible.